EU GDPR 1 Year to Go

On the 25th May we started the 365 day countdown until the new GDPR regulations come into force. For those companies that are not ready there is a lot of work to be done. Some 'specialists' are advising "Encrypt everything" and yes this will make the data secure while it is encrypted but how do you ensure that your employees know this, how do you ensure that the processor(s) do this, how do you handle data access requests, how do you handle the right to erasure? There are many questions to be answered and simply encrypting all your data will not make you compliant.

At CyberScope we have consultants guide you through the process and achieve compliance with the new regulation. We can also provide as 'DPO-as-a-Service' and provide that interaction with the supervisory authority.

#EUGDPR #Countdown

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